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At STAT Energy, our sole purpose is to look beyond the consumer's need for electricity, and focus on what families and business owners truly want out of their Retail Electric Provider. With a combined 50+ years of experience in the energy industry, the STAT Energy team has developed an electricity service dedicated strictly to this purpose. Build electricity plans absorbed with the "wants" of our customers. Imagine an electricity plan that allows you to lock in a low fixed electricity rate without any sneaky hidden fees, pesky monthly customer charges, or frustrating minimum usage fees. Throw in the fact there is no cost to switch, and you have STAT Energy's finely tuned and tweaked electricity plans. Still not enough? Our sign up process will only take you 5 minutes or less. Just 5 minutes of your time could result in savings for you throughout the year. That’s 525,595 minutes left in the year for you to have peace of mind knowing that you are part of an electricity plan geared toward your "wants." So come on and join the movement, like thousands of other Texans, and make the switch to STAT Energy, today.

for home

for business


low fixed rates

lock in your rate and save with volatile energy prices

no deposit

signing up is free and you don't have to put any money down

no "customer charge"

some electric companies charge a monthly fee just for being a customer

no minimum usage fee

your rate won't vary depending on how much energy you use each month

local to texas

offices nestled within dallas county in north texas

customer support

top notch support standing by to answer your questions

No One likes paying too much

No one likes hidden fees

No One likes Paying Deposits

Here at STAT Energy, we understand this reasoning. That’s why we offer our customers year-round low fixed rates on their electricity. By locking in a fixed rate, with STAT, you are locking in on savings.

Here at STAT Energy, we understand this reasoning. That’s why we break out each invoice for our customers. This way you can see exactly what they are paying for. We are taking the guess work out of the equation and simplifying your savings.

Here at STAT Energy, we understand this reasoning. That’s why we offer our customers zero deposit and no sign up cost. This way you don’t have to be one of those people wondering if you are going to have to fight to get it back in the end.

Now ask yourself...

Burnt out from paying to much for electricity?

Switch to STAT Energy and save!

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